tiny pcb

TINY PCB Miniaturization

Tiny PCB, Inc., is a Silicon Valley fabless interconnect solutions company and miniaturization partner that is working on next generation Innovative designs and proprietary solutions for various advanced interposer applications to deliver breakthrough predesigned substrates which is necessary for the future miniaturization of high density electronic devices.

Tiny PCB has been driven by the demanding quality standards of the miniaturization trend in electronic products. Our mission is to provide proprietary high-density interconnect solutions to break the technology barriers for higher signal integrity challenges and to minimize the gap between Wafer/chip technologies and the PCB/substrate infrastructure for an optimized, miniaturized packaging design. We deliver these innovative solutions with the utmost concern for quality, precision and service while meeting the time and cost constraints of our customers to accommodate incredibly high technology requirements.

Tiny PCB patented modular designs and proprietary ecosystems enable hardware developers to innovate faster by improving the speed and precision of the way electronics are developed while also reducing the cost. Our leading technology portfolio focuses on process engineering and manufacturing execution which significantly improve the design to manufacturing process by eliminating iterations and reduces time to market.

Tiny PCB designs and products are a reliable choice for advanced hardware applications, typically required in Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, VR/AR & AI, IoT, 5G, R&D, MEMS, Industrial, Aerospace, Robotics, Automotive, Medical, Wearables, Telecom, Storage, Satellites, Military and Defense Industries.